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Jan Waclawek
03/08/12 00:51
  03/08/12 00:52

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#186497 - scoring
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
It was me who counterweighted the "-1 didn't search first" with "+1 underrated". The reason was, that we don't know Trevor's background - he might have been tasked with finding out whether a board in a possibly unique setup might be salvaged, without deeper prior knowledge/interest in the field, and came here for some basic guideline. It's not easy to search, if you don't know what to search for.

Andy Neil said:
[... the datasheet ...] suggests that it's a ROM part - so any programmable memory would have to be external...

Based on what the design practices used to be at the era, I'd say, the odds that there IS an external memory which might be reprogrammable (or at least an empty socket for it) may be quite high - but it's hard to tell without further information.

Andy Neil said:
Is this a commercial project? If it is, it might be best to just find somewhere to do it on a contract basis...?

While this is a good idea, I believe Trevor might get the best first assesment from the professionals present here. But to get there, he needs to supply more information - schematics, (good) photos, background information, anything...


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