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Robert Revens
03/10/12 05:24
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Near Northampton

#186552 - SCON1...
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Dave Mcnamara said:
Hi Robert,

I am using Acc and SCON1 to check RI bit because my MCU has 2 serial ports and has 2 TI's (TI1/TI0) and RI's (RI1/RI0) also. I am using UART1 so RI1 and TI1 are suppose to operate with this. But when I put RI1/TI1 in my code I get errors, because only RI and TI (without the 1 or 0 at end) are defined in the header file for SCON0 @ 98H (SCON 0.0 and SCON 0.1) which is provided by Silabs. SCON1 is @ F1H and RI and TI are not defined for this SFR. So i need to trigger the bits in SCON1 in order to set/clear TI/RI. Hope that explains it ok.


That explains it perfectly, thank you. Looks like SCON1 isn't bit-addressable in the 020. That's something I've learnt today!

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