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Erik Malund
03/15/12 08:02
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Mt Airy, Nc

#186690 - divy it up
Responding to: Tarun Patel's previous message
connect 4*4 matrix keypad
16 7segment display
display on hyper terminal.
press key on pc keyboard

you can do these 4 things separately and then combine them later, that makes that task manageable


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interfacing of 4*4 matrix keypad and 16 7segment display      Tarun Patel      03/14/12 21:45      
   Thank you        Per Westermark      03/14/12 22:39      
   I did that project too!      Mahmood Elnasser      03/15/12 00:14      
   divy it up      Erik Malund      03/15/12 08:02      
      reply      Tarun Patel      03/15/12 21:44      
         Where are you stuck?      Per Westermark      03/16/12 02:25      
         when you ...      Erik Malund      03/16/12 06:39      
         please read the instructions, then search      Richard Erlacher      03/16/12 09:28      

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