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Richard Erlacher
03/15/12 16:30
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Denver, Co

#186711 - maybe a couple of mosfets ...
Responding to: Mehdi's previous message
and a couple of resistors ...

If you have a couple of resistors configured as a divider between Vcc and Gnd, and you then use a mosfet pair, usually an N-channel and a P-channel in an soT of some sort, often costing MUCH less than $1.00US, you can pull to GND with the N-channel, and to Vcc with the P-channel, using each of two I/O pins. When the P-channel is "ON", you conduct from Vcc to the mid-voltage of the divider, and when the N-channel is "ON", you conduct from the mid-voltage to GND, and when neither is "ON", you have the mid-voltage node of the divider. Buffering the mid-voltage to the output through an NPN voltage follower would not be a bad idea, depending, of course, on the required output impedance. Those MOSFET's, BTW, are inverters, so pay attention so you don't turn both of them "ON" at the same time.


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