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Jan Waclawek
03/17/12 04:55
  03/17/12 04:57

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#186745 - parametric search at
The Keil's parametric searchable chip database is well known amongst the regulars and irregulars.

There is a similar interesting database, which is community-driven. It grew out from initiative of a Russian electronic portal ( - the name is a play on the russian word "sakhara", which means sugar or sweets, and is playingly written in Latin letters to be read as it it would be Cyrillic - I have reported on this initiative previously on, but now it moved to a separate site under a new domain name ).

The site is in Russian only, but given its content I believe it will be mostly legible for most of the users, maybe with the help of some of the popular automatic translators.

'51-based mcus can be found under and , but there are other cores' mcus present, and the search can be conducted on various features.

As it's community driven, the database is inevitably incomplete, yet still contains an impressive number of chips.

There are also some simple benchmarks presented on the site.



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