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03/17/12 11:31
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#186754 - counting objects inserted in tube
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
I can't see anything cheaper than a photo transistor (which you can make yourself for short-term use by stripping top of BC107 or similar), if a light beam can correctly detect your objects. Depending on used wavelength, you can avoid problems with normal sunlight.

You get a logic-level signal directly without lots of electronics to sanitize any signal with signal conditioners. Ultrasound requires lots more.

I was thinking about solution cheaper than industrial photoelectric sensor, devices like this

Maybe solution is 3-4 IR LED / phototransistor pairs? One IR beam will not detect smaller object.

Kai Klaas said: the objects are inserted? One or more at the same time? How fast?

What kind of objects are inserted? Made from which material? Metal?

How do the objects leave the container?

Objects are inserted manually, one at the time by free fall through tube by gravity.
Tube is a part of some kind of garbage collecting machine so objects can be made of all kinds of material and their mixtures.

Containers are emptied manually from time to time.

Erik Malund said:
is the tube clear?

how long is the tube

how many objects can it hold

I hope the diameter of the object is more than 1/2 diameter of the tube. Otherwise you have a project

Tube is not clear, but can be replaced with same dimension clear tube if that will help to solve problem.

It is 18 inches long, inner diameter is 4 inches. Tube can hold just one object at the time.

Thank you all for your answers.

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