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Andy Neil
03/18/12 01:45
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#186763 - Specification Inadequate - Language Barrier?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
Objects are inserted manually, one at the time by free fall through tube by gravity.
Tube is a part of some kind of garbage collecting machine so objects can be made of all kinds of material and their mixtures.

what about a hinged spring loaded lid (such a lid opens when an object is placed on it) and connecting a detector (e.g. hall-effect) to it.

So long as it's guaranteed that they are only ever inserted one at a time (as stated), then having a door and counting each time the door is opened sounds ideal!

However, when you say "manually" that means that it's a person inserting the objects - doesn't it?
How do you ensure that the person never inserts 2 or more objects at once?

Tube can hold just one object at the time.
I guess there is a language problem here.

I think you're right!

It sounds like the OP meant objects passing through a tube?

Again, this leads to the question, "what is the purpose of counting the objects?"
If the requirement is to determine when the receptacle at the end of the tube is full, then simply counting the objects is of very little use!

The OP needs to give a full & complete definition of the requirement.

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