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Erik Malund
03/20/12 10:14
  03/20/12 10:27

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Mt Airy, Nc

#186798 - can you spot the HUGE boo-boo?

can you spot the HUGE boo-boo on page 2?

this may not be fair, I spotted ut immediately since I almost made the same mistake some years ago.

I did not put it in 'chat' since the mistake could be made on a '51 as well.


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can you spot the HUGE boo-boo?      Erik Malund      03/20/12 10:14      
   my guess      Stefan KAnev      03/20/12 13:47      
   What I know is..      Oliver Sedlacek      03/21/12 05:06      
      Oliver gets the prize      Erik Malund      03/21/12 06:31      
         you did not read the attached code      Jan Waclawek      03/21/12 08:42      

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