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Per Westermark
03/22/12 15:37
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#186823 - Help me?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
A very high percentage of threads on programming forums are from people who request some help.

So "help me" does not mean anything. Why not specify real information about what you want help with as thread subject?

Next thing - don't you think people have already debated the ds1307 or 24c04 one or more times on this forum? Do you need help locating the little search field in the upper right-hand part of the web page? There is an even more awesome function called "Google" but it isn't available from inside this site. But most probably, one or two people living a bit nearer you can help you figure out how to find this magic "Google" and how it can be used to locate information.

A specific question here would be - after you have read the available information about ds1307, 24c04 - that you ask specific questions. What you have attempted to do, and where you are stuck. Asking for help as the #1 step is the same as saying that the time of all other people on the net aren't worth anything. We are here just to help people who don't have the time/interest to search for information themselves. Is that the message you want to send out? That your time is the only important time. Everyone else are free resources that should step up and help when you feel a need?

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