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Michael Karas
03/23/12 10:33
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Beaverton Or

#186834 - Using Read Cycle to LCD
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
The wait LCD label is redundant,better off using a delay routine
where did you get that idea?
checking the LCD ready bit is, by far, the most reliable and fastest method.
that some posting amateurs have not figured that out is no reason for you to follow the herd.


There are a good number of cases where delays of some sort are necessary when dealing with LCD controllers. I have been tasked to work with a number of display modules where the interface cable from the MCU board over to the LCD was a narrow flex cable. The LCD manufacturers in these cases had elected to tie the RW line to the controller to a permanent "write" level on the module so as to save a conductor in the connection cable. Of course these applications also used the 4-bit mode to the display for exactly the same reason. As a result of this the software driver I supplied had to do its own delays because reading busy status from the controller was not possible.

Michael Karas

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