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03/23/12 18:48
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#186843 - Converting from Arduino to 8051 FSK Library
I am trying to convert a library from Arduino to SiLabs C8051F996. This library is used to create a software modem with FSK modulation. I am trying to find a way to do so, but am not very proficient with either the Arduino, or the 8051. I posted this same question on SiLabs user forums and the most useful reply so far was to read about PCA, and then build it with edge triggered counting for receiving, and frequency output for sending. I read through the PCA documentation but didn't really have any way of learning everything because I can't seem to find any code of FSK on 8051. Here is the library for the Arduino:

It contains the .h and c++ code. What I basically need to know is if someone can post or send me a link to sample code that sends/receives FSK signals on any port and any format on the 8051.

I know I am asking a lot, so any direction would be appreciated.

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Converting from Arduino to 8051 FSK Library      Lucian Voicu      03/23/12 18:48      
   You have some learning ahead of you      Richard Erlacher      03/24/12 08:20      
      Quite a lot of learning but looking for shortcuts      Lucian Voicu      03/24/12 10:42      
         FSK Decoding      Michael Karas      03/25/12 09:13      
            Good Direction      Lucian Voicu      03/26/12 08:13      
         an old saying      Erik Malund      03/26/12 07:09      

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