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Per Westermark
03/24/12 05:33
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#186854 - It's all about thinking about what to search for
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:
Per Westermark said:
... my point - that Google is very hard to find and use. Why else do we get this kind of threads?

I rather suspect that most people who start this kind of thread did arrive here via Google - which makes it even more puzzling why they can't seem to manage to use it to answer their question!!

Yes. But the skill with Google is of course not to find, but to spend time figuring out good search terms.

The funny thing is that when people do write their first post in a forum, the specific keywords embedded in their text normally are enough to get good hits. And since Google is good to cut away noise words, it's normally possible to cut 1-2 complete sentences from that first post and use as Google search criteria.

Next big issue if of course the ability to look at the first 20-40 hits. Many of them can be quickly ignored based on the subset of information shown on the results page. But after that, multiple pages should be visited. One link may look very promising, but that doesn't mean that another link can't be twice or even ten times as good. And most of the time, multiple pages will complement each other. And they also help to confirm that the presented information really seems to be correct. That it isn't a single page will well-written text but with totally incorrect information. Even people with perfect language skills and good graphical knowledge can have a very junior level knowledge about programming/electronics. So a beautiful page doesn't automatically have better technical answers.

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