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Jim Granville
03/24/12 19:11
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#186870 - more than one inductive load here
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Cian Young said:
Yes I agree entirely. The ULN2003a chip in the schematic's purpose is to drive both relays. Within this chip are flywheel diodes to 'take care' of the back emf from the relays however the problem still continues as I type this, so I'm still unable to resolve this.

You have missed that you have more than one inductive load here.

Yes, the ULN2003a manages the relays, but those solenoids will have even more stored energy, which unclamped, will arc the relay, and stress the solenoid insulation.
What current do the solenoids draw ?. Choose a catch diode that can manage that peak value.

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