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Jim Granville
03/24/12 19:42
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#186872 - diode choices
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Cian Young said:
The solenoids are rated at according datasheet -

5V to 12VDC. Closed Power Continuous = 3 Watts.

Where would I position such a diode in the schematic and would a diode such as a rectifier diode suffice?
Totally overlooked this.


Yes, any generic 1N4007 family diode will do, 3 watts is well under 1A.

You place the diode directly across the Solenoid so it does not turn ON when the solenoid is ON, but does turn on when the relay opens, and the pin tries to fly negative.

This will have a slight impact on the release time of the solenoid, if those milliseconds matter, you can use a diode+power zener clamp.

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