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Hans Van Pelt
03/27/12 02:48
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#186905 - RE: 555 Timer for AC
Responding to: Chico Magalh„es's previous message
Hello Chico,

Triacs tend to stay conductive if the load is too light. Your motor may be too small a load. Try with a 100W light bulb.

Second, I'd like to advise you to tattoo these two wisdoms into your brain, one of them already somewhat mentioned by someone else in this thread:

YOU CAN NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW (so beware thinking that you know a lot)
UNDERSTANDING IS MORE IMORTANT THAN KNOWING THINGS (knowing things without understanding exactly why and where they are on the scale of bullshit is completely useless)

Unfortunately, you seem to be part of a generation who thinks they are a brain surgeon, or at least halfway there, because they can find things about it "on google", put there, on teh internets, by other spotty youths fancying themselves brain surgeons who are better with their pirated copy of Dreamweaver than that they have ever actually held a scalpel. You seem to be one of the generation who will reject anything but easy answers, without ever concerning yourself that easy is quite often a sign of wrong.
I fear the internet, and the uncritical stance a lot of young people are taking towards it, may be making humanity as a whole a lot worse rather than better.

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