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Richard Erlacher
03/27/12 10:47
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Denver, Co

#186909 - Portable "multimeter" ??
For years, I've had a couple of hand=held multimeters that were purchased as a "compromise" between my desires and and my ability to find candidates.

I want a 4-1/2 digit meter that (a) comes complete with high-quality leads, (b) measures voltage ranging from 200 mv to 1 kV in both AC and DC, (c) measure current from 200 uA to 10 A, (d) measure resistance from 2 milliohms to 20 Meg-ohms, (e) measure frequency from some close-to DC value to about 20 KHz (or more), (f) detect continuity with a voltage low enough that it won't turn on a diode or mosfet, measure diode voltage, (g) measure BTJ junctions via a "standard" socket, and, though I'm not optimistic, (h) measure capacitance and inductance over a reasonable range, whatever that means.

Have any of you guys seen or, better, owned an instrument that meets or exceeds thise wish-list?

Now, I have bench meters that do most of these things, albeit not alone, but the measurements can be made with my mains-powered instruments, in some cases far exceeding the precision, but I'd like a portable instrument that does these things. I'm willing to compromise, i.e. I'd forgo the LC metering, as it would probably be adequate to do that in the lab, and I have a home-built continuity tester that will be hard to beat. I have numerous counters, but it would be very handy to have one built into a handheld meter. I have a 35-year-old mains-powered digital multimeter that measures down into the single milliohms, not to mention the less-portable rack-mountable ones, but it helps figure out which winding on a transformer is which, without turning on the power. The isolation of a bettery-powered instrument is an advantage, too.

Any inputs, particularly from those who actually have experience with such instruements will be appreciated.



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