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Richard Erlacher
03/27/12 20:42
  03/27/12 20:54

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Denver, Co

#186924 - Let me ask you this ...
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
First of all, I already have a USB inspection microscope, so that's not what I want to ask, but, What in heaven's name has a USB microscope or a macro-capable web camera to do with a multimeter? I want something handheld, independent of any computer, etc, so I can go somewhere other than my lab, and try to troubleshoot/fix old equipment, for which I often need an isolated multimeter with lots of features and really good quality durable and reliable probes. I have a portable soldering/desoldering station, and a portable oscilloscope. I even have a portable logic analyzer, though it's not the big HP with the expansion chassis.


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