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03/28/12 08:15
  03/28/12 09:13

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#186932 - encoder to decoder confusion
hi all

daniel here i would just like if anyone thinks i should have approached this project in a different way, all comments welcome. the main issue i have is the encoder an rf600E which sends the transmission over a transmitter the TFQ2 to the RRFQ2 and then to the decoder. the whole process from when the information leaves pin 6 on the encoder to the output of the decoder is a bit confusing. if anyone knows about this can they help i will put the link to the datasheet below along with the encoder circuit and decoder to 8052 circuit

rf600e and rf600d

transmitter and receiver

homepage with diagram

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encoder to decoder confusion      Daniel O Sullivan      03/28/12 08:15      
   you can connect the encoder output      Erik Malund      03/28/12 13:48      
      project      Daniel O Sullivan      03/28/12 14:22      
   Encoder circuit      Ramesh Rai      04/18/12 21:02      

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