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Richard Erlacher
03/28/12 15:28
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Denver, Co

#186940 - I know about that, but it's not relevant.
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Since I wrote that comment, I didn't have to re-read it.

I see what you mean, but SMT components weren't in common use back in the days when this old equipment I occasionally visit was built. The resistors and inductors I have to measure, not read, are through-hole components with two leads, one at each end, and marked with color-coded bands indicating the value, and tolerance.

When I said I find it really hard to find an SMT resistor or cap in 0201 packaging, the work surface I mean is the antistatic mat on the bench, not the display on a computer. I don't normally use 0201's, but I do use 0402's rarely and 0603's nearly every time I assemble something. They're hard enough to find.

Now, not one of my 0603 cap's has any indication of what its value is, nor do the 0603 and 0402 resistors. That's why I leave them on the tape/reel on which I got them.

Keep in mind, though, that what I want to be able to do is to measure, to 4 digits, at least, the actual value of a resistor, and not just what it is supposed to be.

One thing I left out of the wish-list, which probably should have been included, is a temperature probe. Some of my 'scopes have 'em, as does one of my meters, though I haven't seen that probe in probably 20 years.


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