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Per Westermark
04/03/12 07:11
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#186986 - Diode connection
Responding to: Muhammad Naeem's previous message
As usual when you wonder about things, you should consider spending some own quality time on the net.

Have you looked at how the diodes are connected on the schematics on this link?

Notice how the diode is oriented so that the current continues in the same direction through the inductor as when the inductor was powered - but now finds a loopback - a reason why the term freewheel is used. The current finds an easy loop, making sure that a huge voltage isn't built up. So that huge voltage (with corresponding spark over a mechanical switch) is snubbed (another name for this design).

Always, always do spend some network time reading up on a bit of background to different concepts. You can't expect that all information should be repeated explicitly for you in forum threads. The main reason why people do document concepts on the net is to let other people find the information and get going all on their own, at their own time.

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