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Murray R. Van Luyn
04/05/12 14:49
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From Down Under.

#187017 - Yep, Modbus Fits The Bill.
Responding to: Aubrey Kagan's previous message
Hi Aubrey,

Thanks for the quick and highly informative response.

Aubrey Kagan said:
Modubus seems to answer most of your requirements. See

Yep, that's what I've been looking at the past hour or so, and It appears you may have hit the nail right on the head. Good pick!

Aubrey Kagan said:

Being a master/slave working in 1/2 duplex, you can of course save a pair of wires.

If only Hardware Guy could be persuaded.

Aubrey Kagan said:

Typically the Modbus modules that I have used power up at a default address and the Modbus master can then configure it to a new address.

Ah, that's got me interested. No mention of dynamic address assignment in any of the sources I've so far briefly surveyed. Any clues, product manuals or info links describing how that works would be just the ticket. Such a scheme may obviate the necessity to individually configure slaves, either at commissioning, or during in-service failure replacement.

Fabo, Aubrey. I'm especially pleased with the addressing advice, so thank you muchly for your very welcome pointers.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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