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04/14/12 00:39
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#187130 - Digital Low Pass Filter through Aduc841
Hi there. I have a study which has to be done until May :(

I have to design a low pass filter with Fc =1Khz. DB=1. I have to obtain discrete transfer function of this filter and embed in Aduc841 microcontroller's memory. So that if i send a signal to Aduc841 above 1khz , I wont be able to see signal on oscilloscope which is connected to DAC of controller.

What i m looking for is to find this discrete transfer function. Please help...

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Digital Low Pass Filter through Aduc841      Erdem Altunbayrak      04/14/12 00:39      
   Whose "study" is it?      Andy Neil      04/14/12 04:03      
   And the problem is?      Per Westermark      04/14/12 04:07      
      Hi      Erdem Altunbayrak      04/14/12 08:20      
         Easiest way ?      Erdem Altunbayrak      04/14/12 08:25      
            digital filter design software      Mahmood Elnasser      04/14/12 10:19      
               Link...        Kai Klaas      04/14/12 17:11      
                  :)      Erdem Altunbayrak      04/15/12 04:45      
                  :)      Erdem Altunbayrak      04/15/12 04:46      
               GNU Octave ...      Christoph Franck      04/17/12 02:30      
            I think the idea is      Jez Smith      04/16/12 05:06      
               Its ridiculous      Jez Smith      04/16/12 05:12      
         Missing time?      Per Westermark      04/14/12 10:35      
         Cheating is not the answer!      Andy Neil      04/14/12 10:57      
         Matlab      Andy Neil      04/14/12 11:05      

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