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Jan Waclawek
05/26/12 06:22
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#187535 - 8051 code generator
I came across this 8051 code generator by Erik Buchmann:

It generates a skeleton assembler program with initialisation/routines for
- UART (including a baudrate calculator - a bonus)
- bit-banged UART (not interrupt- only loop-based)
- timers 0 and 1 (not 2, the page clearly says "8051" :-) )
- interrupts
- bit-banged I2C, including routines for PCF8574 and SAA1064
- HD44780-compatible LCD display, very widely-configurable, with simple "font generator"

It is javascript-based, so it should be enough to save that webpage for offline usage.

The page is in German but I believe most of the things are easily understandable without understanding the language itself.

A very nice work, worth following...!


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