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Richard Erlacher
05/26/12 19:31
  05/26/12 19:34

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Denver, Co

#187546 - You're probably right. It's a shame, but it's so
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
the O/P said, at the outset
Hello. I currently have a project Im working on that is coded for the 8051. However, I need more ports to connect external memory or on chip non-volatile RAM.

Is there an 8051 with more ports or on chip non-volatile RAM that someone could recomend. It would be much appreciated.

Clearly the code for which this project had already been written was written for an 8051-core MCU that didn't have the desired features. He needs more nonvolatile data memory than is available to him at present. He doesn't need more ports. He needs an MCU with I2C or SPI and an external flash or FRAM, or the like that talks via one of those protocols, if his original post is to be believed. It may be that he doesn't need any fancy features aside from the extra NVRAM or FLASH. Too bad he didn't say how much he needs.

I'm not sure how much development time would be saved by the extra bucks on hardware, but even I will admit that extra ports for memory expansion would not be warranted. If he'd read the datasheet, he'd have figured that out, unless, perhaps he's one of those software-only types.

It was from his second post, in which he stated that he had already used up all his port space, that it occurred to me that he could, if he wanted, use external memory without "losing" the associated ports. Of course, if he can mess with the hardware, he's probably not working with an established product, but with code gleaned from the www.


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