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Erik Malund
06/08/12 12:15
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Mt Airy, Nc

#187637 - so am I, reading the above
Responding to: ???'s previous message
More than that i am confused
so am I, reading the above, I have no idea what you mean

CALM DOWN, then try to explain yourself in an understanable way. Remember "more words do not make you appear stupid, they make you appear clear"


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AUTOCUTTER      Manoj Wakdikar      06/08/12 11:23      
   so am I, reading the above      Erik Malund      06/08/12 12:15      
   Missed steps?      Per Westermark      06/08/12 12:18      
      Autocutter      Manoj Wakdikar      06/11/12 10:41      
         Have you tried lower speeds?      Per Westermark      06/12/12 05:26      
            regarding autocutter      Manoj Wakdikar      06/17/12 06:48      
               Need more info      Hal Albach      06/17/12 09:16      
               Need more info      Hal Albach      06/17/12 09:16      
                  Slack? Power available from first tick?      Per Westermark      06/17/12 10:37      
                     change speed      Maarten Brock      06/17/12 16:29      
   ??? re motor & driver      Hal Albach      06/08/12 14:25      

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