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Jim Granville
06/08/12 15:53
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#187642 - Many choices - debug not mentioned ?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Srinivas Nayak said:
I need it to be system programmable, I mean from PC I can program, no separate programmer is not needed.

Many systems are programmable from a PC, but they do need an interface to do this.
I'm not sure there are any 'direct USB boot load and debug' 8051's ?

There are 8051's with RS232 boot loaders, so they come close ?


I think that is free with 8051 chip orders ?

Or, they have a more complete Starter Kit here for $25, which seems to include a LCD Module ?

This uses the STC12C5A60S2, which is a good 40/44 pin starting point.
There is no Single step Debug.

Srinivas Nayak said:

2.programming through USB cable.

USB connection is universal these days, even if it is via a COM driver.

Srinivas Nayak said:

3.I could interface with cards in future.

What cards ?

As mentioned, SlLabs ToolSticks are the lowest cost way to get Programming _and_ debug working to a PC.
Many of their toolsticks have 0.1" grids on them, for expansion.

Next would be probably be Zilog's Z51F - more money, but they do have a Cypress High Speed USB chip in their link. ( How much is your time worth ? )
Not as 'field proven' as SiLabs yet.

Silabs and Zilog are not big on DIP packages, whilst STC do a lot of DIP.

Atmel and Cyrod have Debug systems as 'work in progress',

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                            Hardly a valid claim      Jim Granville      06/13/12 18:26      
                              then show me the mon.. eh debugging      Erik Malund      06/13/12 19:33      

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