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Per Westermark
06/11/12 11:55
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#187668 - You have already been given suggestions
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Mandeep Singh said:
[...] other saying remove the delays

Where have you seen anyone saying you should remove the delay?

You got information about how to perform debugging, even without a digital oscilloscope. And one of the things mentioned in that post was how to verify that your delay actually produces a reasonable delay. That is not (!!!) the same as saying that you should remove the delay.

And you was told that busy-loop delays have big issues since they depend much on the compiler. So some compilers will generate faster code. Some will generate slower code. And some compilers will optimize away the delay completely.

anyways, the real problem is of timing only...and i don't have oscilloscope

So - was was your reaction when I did post specifically how to test the delays in a way that didn't require an oscilloscope? Have you spent any time testing the suggested method yet?

so whats your suggestion...??

The same as before - right now, we are waiting for feedback from you based on already given suggestions...

By the way "...??" is five characters. Proper use is one or three terminating characters. ".", "!", "?", "...", "!!!", "???" or in some situations a mixture like "??!"

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