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06/12/12 10:54
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#187679 - ----thanks all for helping out
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
dear all

anyways thanks all for helping out...
and your suggestions..

to Per Westermark - you can see the mentioned code in my previous post whether i have tried or not..

to all - no need to be so rude...see am new to 8051, i can make peoples might be 100 times better than me...
thats why i raised the question here..
you have the code, tell me where should i reduce/increase the delay.

FYI all - the code which i said is working in keil, i tried it by removing all the delays as well, even then it works fine, only my problem is i have not used keil much. Since in MikroC, you can get ready Refernece library, i feels much easy, so i was trying there only.

FYI- am using AT89c52 with speed 12MHz. the board is - XL2000 from China.
pins are correct as this was already o/b.
& forget about 24c02 - thats working fine now.

and about compilation, check yourself on MikroC...

-------and regarding fast speed, BTW am writing 8 bits and reading the same 8 bits...

thats all i have to say....

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