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Jim Granville
06/13/12 18:26
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#187700 - Hardly a valid claim
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
Download w/o any "extra devices' is practically standard today (except in 'historical devices)

?? - That claim is only true if your PC happens to have 5V RS232 &| 5V SPI port, and I've yet to see a consumer model that does ;)
( certainly, a long way from 'practically standard today' )

So you certainly do need an 'extra device', in the form of a RS232 level converter and/or a USB-5V232/SPI, to download to 99% of 8051 controllers.

It is possible, with an 8051 with USB and an included Boot/DFU - but we've already covered, they are very rare.

USB-On-Chip is moving to close to 'free', but the main thrust is in 32 bit cores.

Examples are the new Freescale Kinetis which claims $1.58/10K for a USB/QFN32, or the xMega USB models showing @ $1.59/K.

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