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06/16/12 07:21
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#187731 - Trapped in idle mode without interrupt subroutine.

I am working with MCB2300 , which has LPC2378(ARM7 ,32bit) . I had written a code in which after performing a task the MCU goes into sleep mode. I have not given any interrupt sub routines. and no interrupts are enabled.

I am not able to program the MCU throug JTAG. Kiel error is as follows "No JTAG Device Found".
I feel that the MCU is trapped in idle mode , hence the JTAG interface is also not active.

Please tell me if there is alternate way of programming the MCU , other tahn JTAG which would be active in the idle state , or suggest some method to get it out of the idel state.

int main()

// perform task

// goes to idle mode
PCON |= 1 ;


return 0;

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Trapped in idle mode without interrupt subroutine.      Akshay Adiga      06/16/12 07:21      
   why not go to an ARM forum?      Erik Malund      06/16/12 07:28      
      RE: just saw it at Keil      Andy Neil      06/16/12 14:35      

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