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Richard Erlacher
06/18/12 09:50
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Denver, Co

#187771 - Are the Maxim/Dallas MCU's readily available in India?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
My experience with the DS89C4x0 chips has been that there's a Maxim/Dallas-provided loader that attaches via RS232 levels provided by a VERY simple circuit to the serial port on the DS89C4x0, and that's how you load the program store. They're also capable of IAP, though I've never had to use that feature. The IAP is only applicable to a portion of the memory, so it may not even work with the DS89C430. My experience is limited to the discontinued DS89C420, DS89C440 and the DS89C450, which is still available.

Why is SiLabs so much more costly than the Maxim/Dallas series? Is it the postage/freight charge?


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