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Erik Malund
06/20/12 08:09
  06/20/12 09:14

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Mt Airy, Nc

#187805 - layout, layout, layout
Responding to: Ghulam Mustafa's previous message
a trace is not a trace
ground is not ground

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Noise Generated due to Controller      Ghulam Mustafa      06/20/12 03:28      
   Separation of digital/analog      Per Westermark      06/20/12 03:34      
      Not shown actually in simulation      Ghulam Mustafa      06/20/12 03:44      
         Simulation?      Per Westermark      06/20/12 04:59      
   No problem...        Kai Klaas      06/20/12 07:18      
   layout, layout, layout      Erik Malund      06/20/12 08:09      

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