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Craig Steiner
07/01/12 18:58
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#187841 - Server Back Online was down from early last Thursday until late Sunday.

As you know, I was planning on moving to a new server. I had begun that process back in March. But between some technical complications in getting it to work on the new server as well as a number of other personal issues, I was unable to complete that process.

Unfortunately, the delays caught up with me when, on Thursday, the hard drive on the old server experienced a very hard crash. Nothing was retrievable.

Of course I do make backups of the database on a nightly basis, so hopefully very few messages were lost. However, the code library and user pages were lost.

The system appears to be working now based on some preliminary testing. I'll see what I can do about the code library and user pages, but most likely I'll have to clear them and we'll start from scratch. Right now, adding code to the library and user pages will not work--for that reason, I've disabled them from the left sidebar.

I'll be checking in more frequently going forward--especially over the next few days to see how things are going. If you detect problems with the site, please reply here to let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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