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David Prentice
07/06/12 21:43
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#187878 - Single assembly is not unreasonable
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
I agree that files should be organised as independently translatable source code. Then the Linker links the object files.

However PCs are pretty swift nowadays. I doubt that 64k of object code is going to take very long to assemble from source.

You still have the 'safety factor' of independent source files. If you don't load into your editor, you aren't going to inadvertently alter the source code.

Simple cutting and pasting blocks from your monster ASM file and putting them into individual module123.INC files should make no difference to the Assembly process.

Then you convert each module123.INC file to an independently assemble-able module123.ASM. This process will probably guide you to improve the program structure.


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