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07/11/12 23:40
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#187910 - Doubts on FlashMagic settings for programming P89V51RD2
Hi All,

I have some doubts on FlashMagic setting for programming P89V51RD2.

There are two check boxes,
1. check box near to "Erase all Flash".
2. check box near to "Erase Flash used by Hexfile".

What are the exact behavior of these two Items when checked?

I made my P89V51RD2 system using circuit diagram from
Yesterday when I programed P89V51RD2 through RS232, I was afraid of my bootloader damage.
So I didn't dare to check any of them.
Fortunately, I was able to successfully program my P89V51RD2 and my boot loader was still intact.
I checked this by re-programming my P89V51RD2.

But, which box we shall check, while programming P89V51RD2 by ISP method using RS232?

From Google searches I found that, "Erase All Flash" shall erase the bootloader. And this box is checked while programming P89V51RD2 using a separate parallel programmer device.

Just wanted to know, which box we can safely check while programming P89V51RD2 by ISP method using RS232. And what exactly are the behaviors of these boxes. I refered the FlashMagic documentation, but couldn't get any unambiguous answer.

Srinivas Nayak

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