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Michael Karas
07/28/12 08:17
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Beaverton Or

#187980 - What and Why?
Responding to: Tarun Patel's previous message
First off.......for WHAT application and part series? I would think that you would at least realize that "8051" has not specified a unique device for a loooooong time.

Secondly......WHY? Use an 8051 series part from a family such as SiLabs. Get one of their eval kits so you can play around and even prototype your gadget. In the eval kit you get a READY MADE USB programmer / debugger pod!

Michael Karas

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   What and Why?      Michael Karas      07/28/12 08:17      
      ... and it probably costs less than components you'd need      Richard Erlacher      07/28/12 18:12      

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