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Michael Karas
08/14/12 10:05
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Beaverton Or

#188072 - Analog Input Range.
Responding to: Anil Gupta's previous message
Anil Gupta said:
Have any body used A/D Converter in 89LPC9XX series Micros?
(1) What is reference voltage for A/D converter in 89LPC917?
(2) What is A/D input voltage range in 89LPC917? in data sheet it is mentioned as Vss-0.2V to Vss+0.2 V?

Well it looks like the table in section 13.2 of the data sheet may be off the mark with regards to the analogue input voltage range. They probably meant Vss-0.2V and Vdd+0.2V.

My guess is that the valid A/D converter operational range is from Vss to Vdd with an input at Vss resulting in a conversion value of 0x00 and an input at Vdd producing a conversion result of 0xFF.

Michael Karas

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