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08/17/12 14:23
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#188094 - Pretty sure
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Sorry bout the wrong forum, must have clicked the wrong one. Im pretty sure thats what its the display number. Theres 3 seperate codes underneath the display. LPH5050-1 Q1227110 JB-9026.650 and the only one that bears any sort of resemblence to the device is LPH so thats what I went with. I also spoke with a representative from philips to inquire about it but since there is no logo on the device they deny that it is their part.

Rather not scrap it if I can.

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LPH5050-1, unknown datasheet      Caleb Daniels      08/17/12 13:18      
   Are you sure that's the part number?      Richard Erlacher      08/17/12 13:49      
      Pretty sure      Caleb Daniels      08/17/12 14:23      
   What hardware?      Andy Neil      08/22/12 12:43      

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