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Michael Karas
08/23/12 18:49
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Beaverton Or

#188149 - Ok, Let's See the Documentation
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:
Note that is also tells you how to do this via the IDE (uVision).

Ok Andy, I pointed to the documentation page on the command line arguments for the IDE. No symbol definition options were shown there.

If you say that the IDE has this capability from the command line then please point to the documentation on how this is done.

Multiple Targets in the IDE are not what I'd like to do for the very reason that that you have stated. My goal is exactly like Erik has shown (although with the appropriate symbol definition syntax) so that a single UV4 project can compile to multiple variations of a simple target.


Some systems have a means to reference environment variables in the IDE and then through a special macro like syntax be able to embed those into command lines to the compiler and/or linker. I do not know if the Keil IDE supports this at all or not. If it did support this I could invoke the project file simply by having the appropriate environment variables setup ahead of time. This is something that I'll have to investigate - however I suspect that the answer is a negative one.

Michael Karas

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