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Andy Neil
08/25/12 11:18
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#188167 - Setting & clearing bits
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
#define MASK 0x10

some_value |=  MASK;    // Set  only the '1' bits in MASK

some_value &= ~MASK;    // Clear only the '1' bits in MASK
Thus you only need one MASK definition to allow both setting & clearing the particular set of bits.

some_value |= ~MASK;    // Set   all bits except the '1' bits in MASK

some_value &=  MASK;    // Clear all bits except the '1' bits in MASK

Raghunathan said:
spare a thought that there could be novices also and for whom c-code is hobby

Some essential 'C' references for you:

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