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Michael Karas
09/04/12 01:14
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Beaverton Or

#188222 - A Manchester Modulation Scheme
Responding to: ???'s previous message
The link here points to a PDF file that describes the type of modulation that I have used for RF transmit and receiving.

The above doc is stored off at GoogleDocs for sharing purposes. The file sharing on this site hasn been fully broken since Craig Steiner recovered his crashed web site server.

The transmitter uses a periodic 1 msec timer interrupt to key a state machine which sends the specified bytes with Manchester encoding.

The receiver uses two interrupts, one off each edge of the received Manchester encoded waveform, to drive a decoding state machine.

This diagram shows the raw data format. It is up to the user to incorporate any multi target addressing and packet format on top of the shown protocol is this is required for your application.

In my usage I was just implementing a simple point to point RF communications scheme that sends RTC data from a master clock station to several remote time display modules. So for my application the data sent was simply mmddyyyy hhmmss type data. I depended in a robust detection of the received Manchester data pattern as the validator of the data transmission.

Michael Karas

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