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Michael Karas
09/04/12 11:34
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Beaverton Or

#188228 - Half Duplex
Responding to: David Prentice's previous message
David Prentice said:
Those 433MHz modules are fairly cheap. The 2.4GHz NRF24L01+ modules are even cheaper.

In theory, 433MHz should give a better range. However any RF comms requires a lot or error detection / correction for a reliable link.

So as well as the Manchester encoding, you need an extensive software layer. The NRF24L01+ (and the 8051 versions) handles the channel, pipe, CRC, ACK, power, ...

In practical terms, which would be more reliable ?
< 20m in a cluttered office
< 20m in a cluttered factory floor.
< 100m in a clear field.


RF that would support full duplex multi-point communications gets rather complex. I was using half duplex in a manner that was very simple and sent only once per minute. Guarenteed delivery of information was not required as there was always another message coming in the next minute and the recipient devices were capable if sustaining operation even if the RF updates were absent of corrupted for hours or more.

Michael Karas

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