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Richard Erlacher
09/04/12 16:38
  09/04/12 16:41

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Denver, Co

#188232 - for quite some time ...
Responding to: Andy Peters's previous message
They've been selling their older licensed products in limited quantity. I don't know what else they've done, but they acquired the rights, decades ago, to the old Western Digital FDC's, and probably the HDC's as well.

The last time I bumped into them was when I was looking for an EPP-Target LSI 34C80), which they produced, purportedly capable of providing a full-bandwidth (8 MHz Clock, 2 Mhz cycle time) ISA bus from a PCI board. Since that controls the refresh of the ISA Bus DRAM's, it's pretty busy.

They also had those 28-pin FDC's from Western Digital, which were popular on late-generation Z80 boards, which could be programmed to execute pretty complex tasks, yet were cheaper than the larger FPGA's of the time ... well, it was hard not to use those boards.

Another thing they produced when they were SMC was those 8-pin All-Digital PLL's for FDC use, and a 20-pin version that performed the write-precompensation for MFM. Back in the day, some viewed that as "black-magic".


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