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Richard Erlacher
09/09/12 16:16
  09/09/12 16:17

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Denver, Co

#188281 - Maybe others too
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
I'd be surprised to learn that they created some of the other languages they sold. It was pretty apparent that they were, in some cases, pretty difficult to integrate into their IDE, as compared with their own stuff.

I'm having a "senior moment" and can't, for the life of me, recall the name of their language that we used for some time for simulation. It was a "simulator + inference engine" and worked just fine, within its limitations, but could be integrated with 'C' when necessary.

My boss, at one time, wrote a simulator for the Honeywell 516-based main-engine-controllers used on the early space shuttle, shortly after the "Challenger Accident" in early 1986. We were involved in the "Shuttle-Return-to-Flight" mission. I was surprised at how effective that language was, considering its low price.

I'm persuaded that the popularity of many of the Borland languages was due to the easy use of the Borland IDE, which included that text editor pretty closely based on the old CP/M-80-based Wordstar. Keep in mind that Turbo Pascal was first offered for CP/M-80, before the PC went viral. 'C' came later. Ever notice how many queries we've encountered here, overthe years, regarding IDE's useable with various 805x tools?


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