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09/10/12 22:16
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#188303 - just want to check...
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark,

i just want to know is it possible or not?

multiple variable bit convert into single variable so its simple to check and to modify,

here this is stucture of variable(unsigned char), we can access individule bits of that variable.

typedef unsigned char byte;

typedef union {
struct {
byte bit0 :1;
byte bit1 :1;
byte bit2 :1;
byte bit3 :1;
byte bit4 :1;
byte bit5 :1;
byte bit6 :1;
byte bit7 :1;
} Bits;
} check_flags;

check_flags _flag;
#define flag _flag.Byte
#define bit0 _flag.Bits.bit0
#define bit1 _flag.Bits.bit1
#define bit2 _flag.Bits.bit2
#define bit3 _flag.Bits.bit3
#define bit4 _flag.Bits.bit4
#define bit5 _flag.Bits.bit5
#define bit6 _flag.Bits.bit6
#define bit7 _flag.Bits.bit7
byte addressable, its convert into bit addressable
if have 3 variable like this, merging individule bit into single variable.......

i gave example of interrupt, but it might be anything.
advantage is i can deal with 1 variable instand of 3 variable.

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