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Maarten Brock
09/11/12 03:26
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The Netherlands

#188306 - no defined bit order
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
Next thing - you show sample code with union + C bit fields. But note that bit fields is a C construct to store multiple small state information fields more compactly into a larger integer. The C language do not have bit variables, and the bit field construct is intended to make the C source code look like it accesses normal struct member fields while the compiler performs logical and/or/not operations to set/clear bits within the containing byte.
The C bit fields are always stored side-by-side (with optional high or low padding) in a container integer of an appropriate size.

True, but also note:

C-standard said:
The order of allocation of bit-fields within a unit (high-order to low-order or low-order to high-order) is implementation-defined.

This means that the compiler gets to choose which order it uses (globally, not case-by-case) and another compiler can make a different choice.

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