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David Prentice
09/13/12 05:09
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#188317 - gobbledygook
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Yagnesh Mehta said:
if my byte is bit addressable and if not, than we can use <<,>>,&,| and masking or unmasking particular bit and play with that particular bit... unecessary why should we think about all that...??????

You have a genuine question.
You get genuine answers.

You reply with gobbledygook.

You can always code a task in several ways with the C language.
Simply use valid C expressions and let the compiler do the work.

It is quite possible that the optimiser creates more efficient ASM instructions than you have ever thought of.

It is seldom important whether you take 10 cycles or 20 cycles to execute one line of C. If it is important, you inspect the ASM code. Try logically equivalent C statements, and compare.


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