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Andrew Murton
09/14/12 16:53
  09/14/12 17:00

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#188336 - Variations in obj and hex
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Some years ago (prob 1997) I worked on a PLM51 project and noticed that a build produced slightly different file sizes, depending on the source file names! Just changing the length of the name of one of the input files by one character actually affected the size of the build by a few bytes and this worried me.

I thought I must be wrong but it was consistent and I proved it to others and we then treated the compiler and related tools with some circumspection. I never found an actual problem with the code produced and inspecting the assembler it produced showed slightly different constructions, with (presumably) the same overall result. But I couldn't see how the changing the name of a source file could do this.

In my case it was nothing to do with moving to a different computer but could it be that you're using a different path length of a file under the new system and encountering the same odd behaviour?

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