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10/14/12 10:06
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#188639 - CanOpen ChipF40
I am trying out some basic communications with the subject Development Kit from Phytec. The firmnaware version is MM-217-Y ( Config : 0) and the MCU itself is a MB90F352.

The basic startup, NMT commands, SDO reads and RX-PDO are fine. I have a problem with defining the transmission type for the two TX-PDOs. In fact its only the first TX-PDO that is now working with transmission type set to 0xFF at OD index 1800/02. So I am getting the status of the DIs whenever any of them change state. This is not what I want and would desire to set transmission type to 0x01 which should result in the TX-PDO1 updating everytime I send a Sync object. ( i.e. Only when I want to read the DI states )

However when I try to write "0x01" with the command " 0x640-8-2F-00-18-02-01-00-00-00" I get a Error Abort code of 0x601. Which I think is a "Access Denied" verdict.

Any idea whats happening ??



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