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Richard Erlacher
10/17/12 11:28
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Denver, Co

#188662 - just a minute ..
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
While I basically agree with your comment, I'd remind you that $36 is a considerable price in some places.

Sure, but if you can afford a $1000 unut, you can afford a $36 repair.

Yes, and with that costly a part in it, the unit does, probably, cost about $1k.

Also, even at $2/hr the time spent seeking a cheaper alternative has already exceeded the price differental.

Many spend waay too much time "saving money" and end up wasting it instead. If you plan to make a bunch of units spending time on comparing solution/price makes sense, but for a one off (which a repair is) it does not.

That's why he asked US to do his work for him.

I am aware that in Farawayistan the ratio component/labor is different and affect these decisions, but noting is good in excess


It's worth noting that Hal Albach pointed out that MAXIM provides an alternative with the same pinout for somewhat less than $36 each. also pointed out some pin-compatibles that cost less.

I was not persuaded that this was a repair job. I suspect it's a piracy task.


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         Thanks Guys      Akhil Bose      10/17/12 10:07      
            you probably should back away from the original      Richard Erlacher      10/17/12 11:31      

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